「Choshu Riki」Japan Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame (Men)

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Revolutionary Warrior " Choshu Riki"
Mr. Choshu Riki, a popular star in the
pro-wrestling world, is a revolutionary warrior.
His fighting spirit and strength roars throughout the
pro-wrestling scene.
The words he says strikes the heart and
his fighting style is filled with fighting spirit and
deeply moves people's hearts!
A true warrior of the pro-wrestling world,
deserving the name of "Revolutionary Warrior"!
“Japan Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame” X "BETONES “ Collaboration Design
"Japan Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame Association" is a neutral organization
established to pass on the culture of Japanese pro-wrestling
and the achievements of its legends to future generations.
Supporting members are:
Giant of the World "Giant Baba”
Burning Fighting Spirit "Antonio Inoki”
Skyrocketing Dragon "Genichiro Tenryu”
Flying Fire Dragon "Tatsumi Fujinami”
Revolutionary Warrior “Choshu Riki".

The five legends who have built the foundation of the history and future of the pro-wrestling
are having a dream collaboration with ”BETONES"!


「Choshu Riki」
Easy fitting, minimal stitches, use of moisture wicking materials with high elasticity. You feel so natural that you forget that you are wearing this functional underwear. 
SIZE: Mens One Size
Recommend fitting waist size: 73-88 cm / 29-34 inches / Small, Medium and Large.
Polyester:65%, Nylon:25%,Polyurethane:10%
Machine 40C Max, Do Not Bleach, No Tumble Dry, No ironing.
Each product is carefully hand printed one by one.  After several washes, it will slightly loose its original color.

Produced in China.

Web Code: 日本プロレス殿堂会-NPD001-3

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